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The information on this site has been provided directly by the SBIR/STTR companies. Its appearance on this web site neither constitutes nor should be inferred to be an endorsement or recommendation by the National Institutes of Health. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the NIH SBIR/STTR Program Office.

SBIR/STTR Program Successes

Brief profiles of companies that have utilized the programs and effectively commercialized technologies developed under SBIR/STTR are shown below. Click Here to submit your company's success story to NIH for inclusion below. Once reviewed, the information will be added to this list. Submissions of items unrelated to the SBIR/STTR programs will not be accepted. The company name and project title for each Success Story are shown below. (Note: The current sort field is shown in red. Click on column header links to re-sort.)

Company Project Title Keywords City State
Physical Sciences Inc. High performance multimode adaptive optics retinal imaging Adaptive Optics, Retina, SLO, OCT, Ophthalmic, Cellular resolution, retinal disease Andover MA
Behavior Therapy Associates LLP Brief intervention for alcoholism via computer software alcohol problems, brief intervention, computer intervention, program evaluation Albuquerque NM
INDOOR Biotechnologies Inc Fluorescent multiplex array for indoor allergens allergen, microarray, exposure assessment, asthma, indoor allergens Charlottesville VA
TissueTech, Inc. Development of Sutureless Amniotic Membrane Graft (AmnioLens) amniotic membrane, ocular surface, wound repair, wound healing, eye surgery, corneal defects, chemical burns, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Miami FL
TissueTech, Inc. Development of PROKERA® Sutureless Amniotic Membrane Graft Amniotic Membrane, Ocular Surface Reconstruc, Wound Repair, Wound Healing, Eye Surgery, Corneal Defects, Chemical Burns, SJS-TEN Miami FL
OncoMetrics, Inc. Precise breast cancer staging with an expert system angiogenesis, breast cancer, surgery, dormancy Trumbull CT
Lpath, Inc. Development of therapeutic antibodies for cancer and age-related macular degeneration antibodies as drugs, cancer, AMD, bioactive lipid targets, sphingosine-1-phosphate, LPA, Immune-Y2 process, ASONEP San Diego CA
SIGA Technologies, Inc. Small Molecule Inhibitors of Smallpox Virus Replication antiviral, smallpox, ST-246, egress inhibitor, biodefense, high throughput screen Corvallis OR
Planning Systems Incorporated Hybrid Adaptive Beamformer (HAB) array, speech intelligibility, microphone, speech in noise, microphone, beamformer Reston VA
KeraMed Inc. Novel Keratoprosthesis Designs and Implantation Methods / A robotic device to faciliate corneal transplantation and other corneal surgeries artificial cornea, cornea surgery, cornea blindness, robotic surgery Sunnyvale CA
AmberGen Incorporated Novel Proteomic Arrays of In Vitro Expressed Proteins for Autoimmune Disease Autoimmune, Autoantibody, Autoantigen, Diagnostics, Proteomics, Protein Expression, Microarray, Biomarker Watertown MA
Biopsy Sciences Biodegradable Sealant for Biopsy Tract in Soft Tissue BioSEAL, CT guided lung biopsy, hydrogel, pneumothorax, FNA Clearwater FL
iVisit, LLC LookTel (formerly SeeStar/SeeScan) blind, visually impaired, mobile app, phone accessibility, object recognition, OCR, text reader, video conferencing Santa Monica CA
Transonic Systems, Inc. Flow Measurement at Dialysis Access Salvage Blood, Dilution, Hemodialysis, Angioplasty, Access Flow, Stenosis, PTFE Graft, Fistulae Ithaca NY
Simbex Head Impact Recording Technology for Field Applications Brain injury, Concussion, Helmet, HIT System, Head impact, Biomechanics, Telemetry, MTBI Lebanon NH
OncoMetrics*, Inc. Precise breast cancer staging with an expert system breast cancer, dormancy, surgery, angiogenesis, mammography, racial difference , bimodal relapse, chemotherapy Trumbull CT
Menssana Research, Inc Breath tests for detection of disease breath, volatile, heart transplant, lung cancer, breast cancer, tuberculosis Fort Lee NJ
Clinical Tools, Inc. Education on Opiate Addiction and Treatment Buprenorphine treatment, opioid dependence, buprenorphine training, Data 2000 waiver, ffice-based opioid treatm, prescription opioid misus Chapel Hill NC
Humanitas, Inc. Web Trials Information Exchange cancer clinical trials, handheld computers, distance learning, website, document management, proposal management, online meetings Silver Spring MD
Talisman Limited Paperless Quality Donor System with Decision Making CASI, AVT-CASI , automated interviewing, blood donors, error reduction , honesty, staff satisfaction, donor satisfaction Vienna VA
ImmersiveTouch, Inc. SENSIMMER Virtual Phaco Trainer for Cataract Surgery cataract surgery, phacoemulsification, capsulorhexis, patient safety, haptics, virtual reality Westmont IL
CFD Research Corporation Development of Improved Hemodialysis Catheter Designs Catheter, hemodialysis, access recirculation, suction pressure, hemolysis Huntsville AL
Morphonix™ Journey into the Brain CD-ROM, Neuroscience, Education, Multimedia, Computer Game San Rafael CA
Platypus Technologies, LLC Nanostructured substrates for cell assays cell migration, cell invasion, motility, drug screening, metastasis, wound healing, tissue repair Madison WI
Quantum Simulations, Inc. Accessible Artificial Intelligence Tutoring Software chemistry, education, artificial intelligence, software, tutor, science, blind, visually impaired Murrysville PA
VisualShare, Inc. Teleconsultation and Quality Review in Child Maltreatment child abuse, child maltreatment, Image collaboration, quality review, peer review, telehealth, diagnosis, TeleCAM™ Salt Lake City UT
LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals Rational Design of Adhesion Blocking Anti-Inflammatories chronic inflammation, antibody, adhesion, pulmonary Bozeman MT
Applied Health Science Wound and Skin Intelligence System (TM) or WSIS (TM) Chronic wound, Pressure ulcer, Risk assessment, Pressure Sore Status Tool, WSIS Seattle WA
Concordant Rater Systems An Interactive Computer Interview for Mania to Enhance Human Rater Performance CNS outcomes, Rater Reliability, Clinical Trials, Site Monitoring, Computerized Adaptive Tes, Mental Health, Bipolar Disorder Boston MA
Samuels & Associates Food BEAMS: Food and Beverage Environmental Assessment and Monitoring System Competitive foods, Nutrition, Policy Adherence, Data Collection, Policy Monitoring, Schools, Health Oakland CA
The Blindsight Corporation Text Detective computer vision, text detection, iOS, Android, blind, low vision, text reader Berkeley CA
Vivalog Technologies An Application Server for Biomedical Content Management content management, radiology teaching files, medical image repository, PACS, enterprise software Seattle WA
Illumina, Inc. Decoding Randomly- Assembled DNA Arrays decoding, bead, random, oligonucleotide, fluorescence, microarray, snp genotyping, gene expression San Diego CA
Xilas Medical, Inc. Medical devices that prevent the occurrence of foot ulcers and amputations in people with diabetes diabetes, diabetic foot ulcer, amputations, friction, dermal thermometer, early warning tool, GlideSoft, TempTouch San Antonio TX
dbaza, inc. INTERACTIVE LEARNING FOR CHILDREN WITH DIABETES diabetes education, interactive learning, children with diabetes, pediatric diabetes care, diabetes self-management, CD-ROM Pittsburgh PA
Clever Sys. Inc. PhenoScan Series digital video, lab animal, behaviors, automated analysis Vienna VA
Leo Lens Technology Printing of Digitized Image of Iris for Prosthetic Lens Digitized Iris Image, Inkjet printing, Prosthetic lens, Antimicrobial, Contact lens, Silicone Hydrogel, Lens dryness, Friction reduction San Diego CA
Illumina, Inc. Automated DNA Synthesizer Using Tilted Plate Technology DNA synthesis, automated synthesizer, SNP analysis, genotyping San Diego CA
Systems Technolgy, Inc. PC Based Driving Simulator for Training and Assessment Driving Simulator, Driver Assessment, Driver Training, Driver Rehabilitation, Drug Testing Hawthorne CA
ARISIL, Inc. Non-Surgical Device for Treatment of Middle Ear Effusion EarPopper, otitis media, middle-ear effusion, eustachian tube, autoinsufflation, Politzer method, manufacturing Brooklyn NY
Valencell, Inc. Seamless energy balance monitor energy, balance, calories, fitness, obesity, caloric, metabolism, sensor Raleigh NC
Avedro, Inc. Commercialization of Microwave Thermokeratoplasty Eye, Vision, Ophthalmology, Refractive, Cornea, Myopia, Microwave, Keratoplasty Waltham MA
Simbex ActiveStep Fall Prevention Training System Fall prevention, Fall-risk assessment, Falls in the elderly, Task specific training, Neuromuscular programming, Dynamic gait training, Fall recovery Lebanon NH
Vida Health Communications, Inc. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment: A Clinical Guide for Obstetric and Pediatric Providers FAS, Prenatal Alcohol Exposure, Obstetrician education, Pediatrician education, Birth Defects, Alcohol-Related defects, FAS Diagnosis, FAS Treatment Cambridge MA
MIDI, Inc. Identification of bacteria direct from blood culture Fatty acid analysis, Bacterial identification, Gas chromatography, Sample preparation, Sensitivity, Speed of identification Newark DE
Intelligent Optical Systems Distributed, sensitive chemical and biochemical sensors and sensor networks. Fiber, Sensors, Distributed, Specific, Biofilms, Real-time, Adaptive, Network Torrance CA
Evening Star Productions DEVELOPING VIDEO AND PRINT LIBRARY OF LIFE CARE PROGRAMS health care, life skills, nutrition and diet, exercise and fitness, legal and financial , video series Akron OH
Vecna Technologies QC PathFinder: Signal-Based Analysis of Clinical Microbiology healthcare acquired infec, antimicrobial stewardship, antimicrobial resistance, infection control, nosocomial, infection surveillance, infection prevention Greenbelt MD
Audiology Incorporated Automated Hearing Tests hearing test, pure-tone audiometry, speech recognition, speech audiometry, earphone, audiology Arden Hills MN
CardioMend LLC Stentless semilunar heart valve reconstruction heart valve, autologous tissue, pericardium, semilunar, tissue testing Santa Barbara CA
Chadwick Optical, Inc. Field Expansion Prism Glasses for Homonymous Hemianopia hemianopia, hemianopsia, quadranopia, quadranopsia, visual field loss, peripheral field loss, Peli Lens, Peli Prism White River Jct. VT
Targeting Systems NOVEL APPROACH FOR TARGETED GENE DELIVERY TO THE LIVER High throughput screening, Transfection, Protein delivery, siRNA delivery/screening, Luciferase assays/vectors, Lentiviral vectors, Stem cell tracking, Stem cell transfections Santee CA
Sarawak MediChem Pharmaceuticals, Inc. SYNTHESIS OF NEW ANTIHIV AGENTS RELATED TO CALANOLIDE A HIV, Clinical Trials, NNRTI, resistance, in vitro, in vivo, calanolide, natural product Woodridge IL
Cleveland Medical Devices Inc. (CleveMed) A New Device For Untethered Home Sleep Studies; Intelligent Quantitative CPCP for OSA Therapy; Pre-Operatiave PSG Assessment of Caradiac Surgery InPatients Home sleep testing, Sleep disorders, Ambulatory monitoring, Wireless, Polysomnography Cleveland OH
SAM Technology, Inc. MANSCAN® Human Brain Function Research System human brain function, EEG, evoked potential, MRI, digital signal processing, pattern recognition, bioamplifiers, 3D visualization San Francisco CA
IQ Engines, Inc. Mobile Search for the Visually Impaired Image Recognition, Object Recognition, Mobile Visual Search, Computer Vision, Crowdsourcing, API, SDK Berkeley CA
Aeon Imaging, LLC Cost-Effective Confocal Imaging Using a Digital Light Projector and Electronic Rolling Shutter Detector imaging, ophthalmic, eye disease, microscope, CMOS, DLP, telemedicine, rolling shutter Bloomington IN
Insight NeuroImaging Systems, LLC (INSL) Noninvasive Devices for fMRI Studies in Mental Illness imaging conscious animals, functional MRI, radiofrequency electronic, mental illness, drug discovery, drug addiction, epilepsy Worcester MA
Selexys Pharmaceuticals Corporation Development of an Anti-PSGL-1 Antibody to Treat Crohn’s Disease inflammation, PSGL-1, antibodies, P-selectin, adhesion, Crohn's Disease Oklahoma City OK
Speech Technology & Applied Research Corp. Automatic Pronunciation Screening Test intelligibility, understandability, pronunciation, linguistics, non-native speaker, English, expert system Bedford MA
EKOS Corporation In vivo evaluation of ultrasound enhanced lysis. Ischemic Stroke, PAO, Infusion catheters, flow sensor, therapeutic ultrasound, manufacturing Bothell WA
Culmini Inc. Web interactive patient guides for complex medical treatments kidney transplant, dialysis, hospital comparison, chronic kidney disease, end stage renal disease Burlingame CA
Reaction Biology Corp Kinome Drug BioAssay Platform kinase, assay, P33, kinome, radiolabeled, radioisotope, hotspot Malvern PA
Stellar Biotechnologies, Inc. Technology for Culture of Megathura Crenulata for KLH KLH, hemocyanin, Megathura, Limpet, cancer, vaccine, aquaculture, immunostimulatory Port Hueneme CA
The Degge Group, Ltd. LEVELS OF LEARNING ABOUT CANCER BY PEDIATRIC PATIENTS leukemia, child, cancer, education, interactive, multimedia, CD-ROM, pediatric Arlington VA
Sarver and Associates, Inc. Scanning ocular Aberration Measurement (SAM) Low-cost Hartmann screen, Ocular wave aberrations, Fast Zernike evaluation, Spatial demodulation Carbondale IL
Physical Sciences Inc. Process Endpoint Monitor for Lyophilized Biologics for Cancer Treatment Lyophilization, Freeze-Drying, TDLAS, Mass Flow Rate, Primary Drying Endpoint, Secondary Drying Endpoint Andover MA
Sierra Scientific Instruments, Inc. Development of a Motility Visualization System Manometry, Motility, High-resolution, Gastroenterology, Esophagus, Stomach, Duodenum, Anorectum Los Angeles CA
BioSciCon, Inc. MarkPap(r) Technology for Cervical Cancer Screening MarkPap test, Cervical cancer, Acid phosphatase, Pap test, Cancer biomarkers, Pap smear, Liquid-based Pap, Cancer screening Rockville MD
SAM Technology, Inc. IMAGE VUE™ Neurophysiological and Neuroanatomical Visualization and Source Localization Software medical imaging, human brain, epilepsy, seizure localization, EEG, MRI, 3-D graphics San Francisco CA
NimbleGen Systems, Inc. Development of a Maskless Array Synthesizer microarray, MAS, ChIP chip, CGH, Expression, Manufacture Madison WI
Genomics USA HLA Chip Product for FDA 510 (k) Approval Microarray Technology, HLA Genotyping, FDA 510 (k) Approval, Raw Sample Genotyping Hoffman Estates IL
Xoran Technologies Inc. MiniCAT™ MiniCAT, i-CAT, 3D x-ray, Computed Tomography (CT), CT scanner, Temporal Bone CT, Skull-Base CT Ann Arbor MI
CasterShoX Noise Attenuation Tech to Prevent Hearing Loss Noise Attentuation, Shock Absorption, Noise Induced Hearing Los, Compact, manufacturing Canton MI
Celadon Laboratories Inc Multi-Method Software Platform for Primer and Probe Design oligonucleotide, assay design, PCR, SNPs, primers, probes, genomics, bioinformatics Hyattsville MD
Lexical Technology Wireless, Pen-Based Front-End to Cancer Knowledge Sources. oncology, machine-readable, pen-based interface, on-line reference Alameda CA
Physical Sciences Inc. Portable Line Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope ophthalmic, eye disease, OCT, laser, confocal, retina Andover MA
I.S. Grupe, Inc. Portable Patient Record patient record, medical information, electronic storage, portable Westmont IL
Telesage, Inc. NEW AUTOMATED TELEPHONE TECHNOLOGY FOR MENTAL HEALTH Patient-Reported Outcomes, IVR, CAT, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Interactive Voice, Computerized Adaptive, IRT Chapel Hill NC
Echelon Biosciences Inc Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase Assays in Cancer Diagnosis Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase, PI 3-K, PI(3,4,5)P3, PI 3-Kinase, PI3K, Echelon Salt Lake City UT
Illumina, Inc. Randomly Ordered Arrays for SNP Genotyping polymorphism, SNP, genotyping, genetics, oligonucleotide, fiberoptic, array, multiplex San Diego CA
Signum Biosciences A Topical Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory for Rosacea rosacea, isoprenylcysteine, toll-like receptor, g-protein, anti-inflammatory, topical Monmouth Junction NJ
Archimage, Inc. U44 DK066724-03 serious games, video games, diabetes, obesity, prevention, physical activity, nutrition, children Houston TX
Organix, Inc. Indole Analogs as Novel Treatments for OCD serotonin, obesity, 5-HT2C receptor, OCD Woburn MA
DeltaNu, LLC RAPID DETECTION OF PRE-AND NEONATAL METABOLIC DISORDERS SERS, Raman, Medical Device, Point of Care, Nanotechnology, Miniature Raman, Laramie, Wyoming Laramie WY
Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc. Apnea Risk Evaluation System sleep apnea, in-home monitoring, pulse-oximetry, sleep disorders, apnea risk questionnaire Carlsbad CA
Optiva Corporation MEDICINE AND DENTIFRICE DISPENSING SONIC BRUSH, SONIC TOOTHBRUSH SONICARE, SONIC, Power Toothbrush, Cleans Beyond the Bristle Snoqualmie WA
Lexical Technology Voice Recognition Front-End to Cancer Knowledge Sources speech interface, voice prompts, dialog, conversational features Alameda, CA
MBF Bioscience Neurolucida, AutoNeuron, Stereo Investigator, NeuroInformatica, 3D Virtual Slice stereology, morphometry, automated analysis, digital image archive, neuron reconstruction Williston VT
Stereology Resource Center Automatic Stereology of Biological Tissue Using 3-D VCS stereology, VCS, automatic, cell counting Chester MD
Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc. A Stress Management Expert System for Cancer Prevention stress management, Transtheoretical Model, Stage of Change, Population Intervention, Tailored Communications West Kingston RI
SurModics, Inc. IMPROVED BIOCOMPATIBILITY OF CONTACT LENSES Surface modification, Immobilization chemistry, Medical device coatings, Hemocompatibility, Cell encapsulation, Drug-eluting coatings, DNA immobilization, Photoactivation Eden Prairie MN
ViewPlus Inc. The Accessible Graphics Reader for Blind People tactile graphics, braille, blindness, dyslexia, accessibility, ink and braille, audio/touch, graphical information Corvallis OR
Decision Systems COMMUNITY VOICE MAIL FOR ROUTINE AND DISASTER SERVICES teleminder, communications, disaster relief, computer system Los Alamos CA
MicroTransponder Inc. SAINT wireless neurostimulation device tinnitus, urinary incontinence, neurostimulation, chronic pain, PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, medical device, neurosurgery Austin TX
Reaction Biology Corp Methyltransferase Drug Discovery tritium, 3h, assay, methyltransferase, epigenetic, drug discovery Malvern PA
Hawaii Biotech, Inc. Recombinant Vaccine Development and Commercialization vaccine, recombinant, West Nile, malaria, influenza, dengue Aiea HI
Synabridge Corporation Instrument for Glaucoma Early Detection and Monitoring VEP, Glaucoma , neural, clinical, diagnosis, screening, electrophysiology, icVEP Raritan NJ
Ripple Effects Training and assessment software to reduce risk and enhance protective factors in adolescents violence prevention, behavior training , software, substance abuse, truancy, adolescent risk factors, school failure, social-emotional skills San Francisco CA
Vital Art and Science Incorporated myVisionTrack™ Home Vision Monitor Vision Monitor, in-home monitoring, SDH, wet AMD, diabetic retinopathy Richardson TX
Cyma An Easy-to-Use System for Ambulatory Activity Evaluation walk, physical activity, ambulatory monitoring, pedometer, StepWatch, SAM, step, instrument Seattle WA
Turbo Wheelchair Co., Inc. Lightweight Durable Wheelchair from Engineering Resin wheelchair, MRI wheelchair, mobility for seniors, plastic wheelchair Beaufort SC
Three Rivers Holdings, LLC The SmartWheel: Development of Wheelchair Pushrim Force and Measurement Device wheelchairs, wheelchair propulsion, wheelchair biomechanics, measurement, wheelchair positioning, wheelchair selection, wheelchair seating, insurance justification Mesa AZ
PortaScience, Inc. A Simple Point-of-Care White Blood Cell Count Test white blood cell, chemotherapy, mastitis, diagnostic, point-of-care, portable Moorestown NJ
Transonic Systems, Inc. A Flowmeter with Telemetry for Chronic Animal Studies Wireless, Transit-Time, Flow, Ultrasound, Bluetooth, Telemetry, Flowmeter, Manufacturing Ithaca NY
ECI Biotech Diagnostic Tool for the Point-of-Care Detection of Infection in Chronic Wounds Wound Care, Diagnostic, Bio-burden, Pathogen, Healing, critical colonization, sensor, point of care (PoC) Worcester MA

SBIR/STTR Program Successes Through 2002

SBIR/STTR Success Stories entered up through 2002 are shown below (most files in PDF format):

Fourth Annual U.S. Small Business Administration 1999 Tibbetts Awards
...recognizing SBIR technological innovation, economic impact and business achievements

Congratulations to the following NIH SBIR awardees who were recipients of the 1999 Tibbetts Awards! These prestigious, national awards, named for Roland Tibbetts, a former SBIR Program Manager who is acknowledged as "founding father of the SBIR Program," are made annually to those small firms, projects, organizations and individuals judged to exemplify the very best in SBIR achievement. The Tibbetts Awards are an initiative of the Office of Advocacy in the US Small Business Administration (SBA) now managed through the Office of Technology. A full list of winners is available electronically at (Note: All files below are in PDF format.)

Note: For help accessing PDF, RTF, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Audio or Video files, see Help Downloading Files.

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