SBIR and STTR Success Story for
Physical Sciences Inc.

(Information Posted/Updated on 05/11/2012)

Physical Sciences Inc.
20 New England Business Center
Andover, MA  01810

Contact:    Dr. Mark A. Druy
Phone:      978-738-8195
Web Site:

Project Title:  Portable Line Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope
Related Award(s):  2R43EY11819-02
Technology Developed:
PSI developed and clinically tested a hand-held digital line scanning laser ophthalmoscope (LSLO). The LSLO provides greater image clarity, contrast, and depth of penetration at the ocular fundus compared to conventional digital fundus photography.

Key Words:  ophthalmic, eye disease, OCT, laser, confocal, retina.
Uses of Technology/Products/Service:
PSI has developed a range of revolutionary ophthalmic instruments based on optical coherence tomography and laser line scanning. These instruments are sold directly to vision researchers and clinicians to understand the cellular basis of eye diseases.

Benefit to Company:
This SBIR has resulted in commercial sales by PSI, license income to PSI, and additional non government development funding of nearly 2 Million dollars and is responsible for the creation of 3 additional full time positions at PSI.

How Product Was Commercialized:
PSI commercialized this technology through development and sale of ophthalmic instrumentation to researchers and subsequent licensing of the technology to opthalmic instrument manufacturers that have adopted the PSI technology via license.

Other Comments Related to Company's Success Story:
This technology is now present in nearly 10,000 ophthalmic instruments in clinics.

Past R&D and/or Sales from this Project:   $2 M
Estimated Future Annual R&D and/or Sales from this Project:   $1.5 M