SBIR and STTR Success Story for
Stereology Resource Center

(Information Posted/Updated on 10/17/2008)

Stereology Resource Center
104 Ringneck Court
Chester, MD  21619

Contact:    Peter R. Mouton
Phone:      410-643-4901
Fax:          410-643-4901
Web Site:

Project Title:  Automatic Stereology of Biological Tissue Using 3-D VCS
Related Award(s):  9R44MHO76541-02A1
Technology Developed:
Software that incorporates cell recognition algorithms from missile balistics systems research into Verified Computerized Stereoanalysis for automatic analysis of biological features of interest.

Key Words:  stereology, VCS, automatic, cell counting.
Uses of Technology/Products/Service:
This software for automatic detection and analysis of cells could be used in a broad range of projects in biomedical research projects in academia, government agencies, and private industry research where scientists are required to quantify changes in cell populations -- for example, pathology or toxicology research.