SBIR and STTR Success Story for
Turbo Wheelchair Co., Inc.

(Information Posted/Updated on 01/30/2008)

Turbo Wheelchair Co., Inc.
765 Meridian Rd.
Beaufort, SC  29907

Contact:    Dr. Jane Hermes
Phone:      843-322-0486
Fax:          843-322-0486
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Project Title:  Lightweight Durable Wheelchair from Engineering Resin
Related Award(s):  5R44HD037714-03
Technology Developed:
Conception, development, regulatory approval and marketing of first lightweight, durable, folding manual wheelchair from synthetic engineering resins. The colorful, stylish product offers the mobility-limited the opportunity to shed the spectre of disability and offers a fashionable appearance promoting self esteem. Additionally the Company now offers a chair designed and approved for safe use in the MRI suite where the ferromagnetic mass of a metal chair might well be drawn suddenly into the bore of the magnet.

Key Words:  wheelchair, MRI wheelchair, mobility for seniors, plastic wheelchair.
Uses of Technology/Products/Service:
There are 12 million Americans who cannot walk one-quarter mile and nevertheless do not use any assistive mobility device. These individuals do not participate in the life of the nation; in our parks and venues, our museums and malls and the excitement of the modern American cityscape. For many the barrier is psychological - they do not want to be seen as disabled. For others it is cost. Turbo Wheelchair's Merlexi Craft series of FDA approved manual wheelchairs offer an inexpensive and stylish approach to the problem of providing mobility for those who need it while meeting the needs of the caregivers who will likely accompany the mobility limited. The products are lightweight, coloorful and durable. The solid, ergonomically designed contoured seat offers client support yet is part of an easily foldable chair construction. Care givers benefit from the unique handles that provide comfort and control to a far greater extent than the standard horizontal rods. In summary the product line is a departure form the chair as a symbol of disease and disability and a model of what mobility should be for those who retain the curiousity and passion for a viogorous mobile life.

Benefit to Company:
Turbo Wheelchair was formed to develop this technology and as an outgrowth of successful adult chair development, the Company has gone on to begin a program of chair design focused on the needs of children, particularly those limited by the presence of high-tone; spasmatic episodes marking certain conditions such as cerebral palsy.

How Product Was Commercialized:
Our Merlexi Craft Liberty series of wheelchairs were commercialized after successful FDA 510k submittal. With approval for marketing the Company markets through web advertising and direct sales contact.