SBIR and STTR Success Story for
CardioMend LLC

(Information Posted/Updated on 02/28/2007)

CardioMend LLC
785 Carosam Road
Santa Barbara, CA  93110

Contact:    Jack W. Love, M.D., D.Phil.
Phone:      805-569-1454
Fax:          805-569-5495
Web Site:

Project Title:  Stentless semilunar heart valve reconstruction
Related Award(s):  5R44HL061075-03
Technology Developed:
CardioMend developed disposable surgical instruments for sizing, cutting a proprietary tissue pattern, and holding the tissue in anatomical orientation for heart valve reconstruction. CardioMend also developed instruments and methodology for intraoperative testing of the biomechanical properties of the tissue used for the reconstruction.

Key Words:  heart valve, autologous tissue, pericardium, semilunar, tissue testing.
Uses of Technology/Products/Service:
With CardioMend disposable surgical instruments, a cardiac surgeon can precisely measure the geometry of a diseased heart valve that needs to be reconstructed. Knowing the required size, he can open a size-specific cardiac valve reconstruction (CVR) kit that contains a cutting die and impact tool to cut a piece of lightly tanned autologous pericardium (LTAP), the trefoil. The trefoil is a seamless flat pattern that when sutured into the aortic or pulmonic root will deform to the shape of a normal native aortic or pulmonic valve. The CVR kit also contains a Tissue Holder that holds the tissue atraumatically in anatomical orientation during placement of six critical sutures that determine the final geometry of the reconstructed valve. The CardioMend Tissue Tester is a reusable instrument that can be used to measure the biomechanical properties of the tissue used for the reconstruction.

Benefit to Company:
SBIR Phase I and II grants were the starting point of CardioMend. During tenure of the grants the Company completed product development, secured 6 U.S. patents, full market approval by the FDA and the CE mark for Europe in preparation for clinical use of its products.