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(Information Posted/Updated on 08/10/2007)

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Contact:    Richard M. Greenwald, PhD
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Project Title:  Head Impact Recording Technology for Field Applications
Related Award(s):  R43HD40473, R44HD40473, R01HD048638
Technology Developed:
Simbex developed a method and algorithm for widespread, cost-effective measurement of head acceleration due to impact. Our long-term goal is to validate a quantitative model of head impact acceleration that enables translational research and development of new clinical and therapeutic techniques to increase detection, reduce the incidence, and improve treatment of concussions or Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI).

Key Words:  Brain injury, Concussion, Helmet, HIT System, Head impact, Biomechanics, Telemetry, MTBI.
Uses of Technology/Products/Service:
HIT System technology measures head acceleration by placing multiple miniature single-axis accelerometers in a helmet (eg. sports, military). Data are transmitted via a telemetry link in real time to a sideline computer. A patented algorithm processes the data and computes the acceleration of the center of gravity of the head. A paging system is implemented to alert medical personnel of a potentially injurious head impact for review. HIT System technology developed under this SBIR has been leveraged in the following public and private applications: - More than 250,000 head impacts in collegiate and high school football have been collected with instrumented helmets under the product name Sideline Response System by industry leader Riddell (commercial)

- HIT System technology has been implemented in multiple research programs studying concussion injury, including: soccer (Wayne State University), hockey (Dartmouth College, University of North Carolina), equestrian (University College of Dublin), boxing (Wayne State University, USA Boxing, US Army), and skiing/snowboarding (Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center), among others

Benefit to Company:
The SBIR program has been instrumental in providing the research and development funding to develop, validate, and prepare for market this technology.

How Product Was Commercialized:
Simbex first developed and launched prototype HIT System product with several major Division I NCAA colleges (Virginia Tech, University of North Carolina, University of Oklahoma). Simbex then formed a partnership with Riddell, Inc. to commercialize HIT System technology for helmeted team sports applications, while maintaining rights to develop and exploit the technology for other applications including the military. Additional commercial and military applications are in development and on track for commercialization

Past R&D and/or Sales from this Project:   $4.5M