SBIR and STTR Success Story for
NimbleGen Systems, Inc.

(Information Posted/Updated on 10/11/2006)

NimbleGen Systems, Inc.
1 Science Court
Madison, WI  53711

Contact:    Roland Green
Phone:      608-218-7640
Web Site:

Project Title:  Development of a Maskless Array Synthesizer
Related Award(s):  R43 HG 002193; R44 HG 002193
Technology Developed:
This grant supported the development of a DNA microarray manufacturing instrument that uses DLP technology from Texas Instruments to pattern the light direct DNA synthesis chemistry used to manufacture the microarrays.

Key Words:  microarray, MAS, ChIP chip, CGH, Expression, Manufacture.
Uses of Technology/Products/Service:
Our technology manufactures microarrays used for research in a wide variety of fields. Some of these fields are: cancer research, stem cell research, antibiotic resistance, crop improvement, autism research, mental health research and diabeties research.

Benefit to Company:
The SBIR grants (the Phase 1 and Phase 2) came at a pivotal time for the company. They served dual purposes. First, they provided funds for development and second they provided scientific validation of the technology in the eyes of venture capitalists. The peer review process of the grants acted as a form of due diligence for investors which allowed us to bring in additional funding. Ironically, this venture capital then disqualified us from receiving additional SBIR grants because of the ownership restrictions on eligibility for SBIR grants. As a result of the funding from this grant and the additional venture capital that we raised we were able to successfully develop our array manufacturing technology which has formed the basis of our commercial business.

How Product Was Commercialized:
Our initial business model was as a service company that accepted samples from customers and then delivered data. This model has been very successful and has led to rapid growth resulting in the company preparing for an IPO in early 2007. We also recently signed a broad licensing agreement with the current market leader, Affymetrix, that allows us to develop an additional business model that sells arrays directly to customers. We expect this new business model to increase our growth rate and market share even further.

Past R&D and/or Sales from this Project:   $28M
Estimated Future Annual R&D and/or Sales from this Project:   $240M