SBIR and STTR Success Story for
Insight NeuroImaging Systems, LLC (INSL)

(Information Posted/Updated on 09/09/2007)

Insight NeuroImaging Systems, LLC (INSL)
11 Canterbury Street
Worcester, MA  01610

Contact:    Craig Ferris
Phone:      508-799-6464
Fax:          508-799-7080
Web Site:

Project Title:  Noninvasive Devices for fMRI Studies in Mental Illness
Related Award(s):  R42 MH059501 (FAST-TRACK STTR)
Technology Developed:
INSL developed radio frequency coils integrated into animal holders for high field magnetic resonance imaging in conscious mice, rats, and monkeys.

Key Words:  imaging conscious animals, functional MRI, radiofrequency electronic, mental illness, drug discovery, drug addiction, epilepsy.
Uses of Technology/Products/Service:
Insight currently has over 150 products in use and partnerships with several OEM Companies.

Our customers include numerous pharmaceutical companies, and major research universities throughout the world. I

Insight technology has been used in over 40 peer reviewed articles and over 90 conference proceedings.

Benefit to Company:
Work in this field has lead to the successful marketing of a line of preclinical/research imaging products. The capabilities developed at our company over the last 10 years has lead to the development of 2 commercial clinical products, with future products under development.